Helping yourself in helping others

My experience in Papua New Guinea has been unique from all points of view. Before departing, I was tense and during the trip, I tried to imagine what I would have found there, once off …

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The Rider on White Horse,(Miniature only] The opening of the First Seal. St John, and the Rider on the White Horse represented as Christ with a sword, and his followers. Book of Revelation, 6, 1-2
Image taken from Apocalypse.
Originally published/produced in England; early 14th century.

God’s Knights

WeNourishMemoriesHP (7)

We nourish memories!

aSmileFromHeaven HP(14)

A smile from heaven

IlMioSognoNelCassetto HP(10)

MY BIG DREAM Andrea Maccari




Papua New Guinea


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