A beautiful garden of God

We look at the nature with beauty, the mountains, the hills, the sea, the trees, the flowers and even landscapes. We enjoyed watching it, then, hopefully our thought can go back to say, “thank you” to the Creator.

God, indeed, is a great farmer, he knows that he should plant on the good soil but anyway, he tried to saw even on the rocky soil and on the thorny bush. He has a great patience, endless patience, because he has to wait and wait ‘till they all grow.

Then, he’s smart and full of hope, he planted different kinds, many different kinds of plants, others can grow so tall and beautiful, others bears fruits and flowers, while others are just on the height of the ground. But everything he planted, he loves, since he did not choose where to let the sun shine and the rain come down.

The mango tree that when produces its fruits will make us say “wow“. The moss Rose on the ground, with its different flower colours. The orchids that when they blossom, can last so long, a month or two or more. The perfumed Rose that stands proudly swaying to the passers-by. The strong and lasting periwinkle, so simple and yet, they could stand under the heat of the sun without any complaint.

God, with his creativity, planted many different kinds, with its different colours, or different varieties, sizes, etc., but then, they all have the same purpose –to make beauty and are good for food. But are there moment that the periwinkle complained? She’s standing day and night waiting for its flowers to grow tired. Is the pineapple complaining that he is so short compared to the mango tree? Well, it produces a wonderful fruit just like the mango tree. They are just as happy as they should be.

But God planted another garden, the garden of souls.

How is that?

Simple. He planted us like the plants, with different kinds, our differences in colours, different varieties, different sizes, etc. We are also created differently, so differently.

Europeans are white, blond, some has the blue eyes or green. Asians are brown, some are small in stature, others has brown eyes. Then, there are some Oceanians and Africans that are dark with curly hair. We have Chinese that speaks so differently compared to French and Germans. The indigenous cultures in the Americas, the aboriginals in Australia.

Then, as a single person, I can have the gift in playing some kinds of instruments, others in singing, others in cooking, maybe others in preaching or teaching. “Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us exercise them….” (Rom 12:6-8).

Then, the same question as the plants that we should ask to each of one of us, “Do we have the same purpose?”, “Yes!”. We all have the same purpose, to find happiness in life and enjoy, to love and care others and to give back a praise and thanksgiving to the Creator.

But there is another question that we should also ask ourselves, “Am I happy with my gifts or I am jealous and complaining because I don’t have what others have? Am I thankful for the gifts and talents that I have? Did I use these talents and gifts in a good and helpful way to others?

Let this garden of God be without jealousy, hatred, self-pity, greediness and the like. Instead, let us grow with love and acceptance for each other’s gifts and talents. Just like we see the beauty of the beautiful garden with its landscapes, let us also see each other as a beautiful flower, we might be a good smelling flower or not, let us still give importance to each one because we are all needed as a body in building up the Kingdom of God.

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