A special birthday!

Andrea is attending kindergarten when he comes with his parents to the meetings in which Caterina and Vera share how different the life is in mission, especially for the children at their elementary school in the Philippines. Instead of drawing and playing, Andrea watches the pictures that are projected during the meeting and starts to dream.
Many years have passed, Andrea is already attending senior high school, but his desire to know people from faraway places continues to grow and knock at this heart. His enthusiasm is thrilling… at the end of his third year senior high school he was thinking to buy the plane ticket for the following year, in case the flight will be full!
Few days ago, Andrea celebrated his 18th birthday in a special way, on the other side of the world, with children and youth who don’t know exactly when their birthday is and sometimes even where their parents are. The joy of his smile, the peace with which he faces the days, his generosity in being here are the most beautiful gifts he gives to all of us.


His mother, Gianna, sent a message: “today my child becomes a man, I am happy that it is happening there” surely this will help him to become a more responible adult. This is beautiful!


Andrea accepted the jokes we had prepared and wore the costume of a musician, as he plays the flute; he was then the guest of honour of a special night, with songs and dances. A special birthday that will remain in his heart and will bear fruit in the future. God bless you Andrea!

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