Consecrated People

Consecrated Life

The consecrated lifestyle of the sisters of the Cavanis Community Jesus Good Shepherd, is filled with the christian joy of those who, aware of their limitations and wounds, trust in the Mercy, strenght and faithfulness of the Lord who calls them to serve him in children and youth.

The joy is visible in a serene community life, where through charity, each sister feels at home.

The sisters profess the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, trying to live them out in their deepest meaning.

Poverty is simplicity, generosity in working and putting every thing at the service of the community and of the children and youth. Chastity, beyond the choice of not getting married, is living fraternal relationships in charity, leaving behind all personal interests. Obedience is to make one’s own the projects of the community and of the superiors, by working with initiative and commitment; it is accepting reality, oneself and other persons as they are; it is to incarnate the Word, day by day.



The sisters recognize in God the good and merciful Father who loves and educates his children, guides their journey and provides for their needs. The relationship with God has therefore filial traits and is anchored in the trust in the One who is Faithful. The sisters recognize in the children and youth the favorite ones of the Lord and, in them, they serve Him, with love, gratuitousness and hope of fruit.

The Sisters find strength, healing and inspiration at the presence of Jesus, adored in the Blessed Sacrament, everyday.
They place their trust in Mary too, Mother and Queen of the Schools of Charity, mediatrix of all graces and powerful in interceding for us.
The Sisters constantly pray also for the souls in purgatory and entrust themselves to the protection of the Archangel Michael in the daily battle against evil.

The prayer in the Spirit, who renews all things and enlivens the gifts received in Baptism, enlightens and strengthens the journey of each sister and guides her in a deep listening to the Word of God.


The Sisters desire to guide children and youth to discover the love of God, the Good Father.
For this reason they welcome children and youth as they were their own children, with maternal love, answering to their needs and forming their hearts and their minds, for them to discover their dignity of children of God and their vocation.
The sisters have a special preference for the poor and for those whose fundamental rights are denied. The sisters do their best to go out from themselves and from their comfort zone, in order to meet the needs of those who surround them: this becomes also missionary spirit and desire to serve the children and the Church where the needs are great and in the peripheral areas of the world.
The Sisters’ apostolate is a support to the educative responsibilities of the family, especially when its care is absent, insufficient or damaging.

Lay People

Some lay people, since the beginning of the Community, were at the side of the Sisters, sharing their spirituality, charism and mission, with different level of commitment and devotion. They are friends, benefactors, employees…
They are part of the family of the Community and are therefore considered true brothers and sisters in Christ and their presence is a gift for the sisters.
Their work and cooperation is a true sharing in the Cavanis mission and a fundamental part in the realization of the different activities of apostolate and formation.

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