Ash Wednesday

Wednesday March 6, 2019, also here in Bereina we joined the Ash Mass, beginning of the Lenten Season, an intense time of preparation to the Resurrection Easter.

The cathedral was full with all our children of the Jesus Good Shepherd Primary School and all the students of the nearby public school. There was a lively waiting, that only children are able to bring thanks to their exuberance. Father Paul, parish priest and vicar of the Diocese, prepared all the present, with his simple and essential ways, to live this moment as a community with faith and attention.
In Italy the priest lays some dry ashes on the head of the person. Here in PNG (as well in the Philippines), the rite of the ashes has more significance, because every person receives a cross on the forehead done with the ashes mixed with Holy water.
It is a strong sign, the same for everybody: children and youth, aadults and village chiefs, lay and religious, that will merge us as one people of God. It remains visible for some hours, to help us to enter in this new journey of conversion and growth in the faith.
With our students we experienced also other activities in the school to make more concrete this beginning of the Lenten Season, like the preparation of the Way of the Cross and the choice of our personal commitment for Lent.
We thank the Lord that gives us also this year the opportunity to journey together during Lenten season with these people and we ask together the gift of a pure and clean heart, able to widen in the Love of God and of our brothers and sisters.

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