Albert is the in charge of the big catholic community of Babiko, a village that is located 15km away from us, 15km of very challenging road. He often covers this distance by feet, as many others do, because transportation is rare and during rainy season, the area remains isolated.
The church there is dedicated to St. Henry, emperor, and the feast day was approaching. Albert came personally to invite us and brought us coins and small bills collected in the different communities to order one of our cakes. Sr. Giovanna asked him how was the road, considering that it had been raining…He just said to follow Fr Paul who was coming to celebrate the Mass on that day.
We were all happy of this invitation, the community there is very welcoming even though very poor and Aiba Toto, the grandmother of our Christine, is living there and every time awaits for us with enthusiasm!
We followed Fr. Paul and after 45 minutes of jumpy road, we reached our destination!
Fr. Paul checked how many consecrated hosts were left in the tabernacle. They should be enough for one month, until next time he comes to celebrate Mass. Every Sunday in fact the people gather to meditate the Word and receive communion.
The children looked at our Italian visitors, Andrea and Giorgia, with curiosity and all the people gathered in the church at the sound of the bell. Dances and songs were beautiful and well prepared. People that could not be accommodated in the church or under the tent prepared for the occasion, seated under the nearby trees.

Then the moment to have lunch and cut the cake came. Albert, with a megaphone, invited everybody to come close. We brought bread and ham, while people cooked bananas, fish and rice, but a miracle was necessary to feed everybody. With great precision the cake was sliced so that each community could have a piece… each community then sliced that piece into very small parts, so that all could have at least a bite. The same happened with the bread, the ham and the ice candies we brought. Each one received his/her microscopic portion with thankfulness and a kind of solemnity. We had never seen something like that before.
Among songs, games with the children and simple chats, the time ran fast and we had to go back home, to avoid finding ourselves in the middle of the forest after sunset.
Let us pray Sr. Henry for this community and for all of us.

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