Chasing the sun

Missionary life is not only made of special days and moments of joy. It is most of all everyday life and constant ordinary work pursuing only one thing, the good of everyone. So Mission it is also made up of long journeys riding a truck from our community in Bereina to Port Moresby, the capital.
Not only for foodstuffs but for many other needs: the child to be accompanied to the hospital or the building material to be purchased. Spare parts needed to repair whatever broke or documents to be lodged in order to welcome new friends and visitors in the mission. The road is about 170 Km. Three hours along a bumpy, rough road that puts a strain on the most resistant stomach. Someone may think – But why are you doing this? Waking up at 5:30 am and departing in the darkness, fearless of the bad wether… Enduring a whole day in the traffic of a dusty city, fighting against impatience in offices and shops… Driving about 340 km in one day, sometimes more than ones in a week… …It is because we are chaising the sun! In the morning at sunrise the sun encourages us, along the way, with the colors of the dawn, to face with trust and wonder the surprise of the new day, pleasant or unpleasant might it be. And again in the evening, the sun accompanies us in the quiet atmosphere of the sunset. Our sun is the Lord Jesus and we run after him, we follow him.
In the morning he brings us to encounter our neighbors, our work and our daily duty of fulfill the will of God. Cooperating wiht his great plan of salvation for all!
Tired, we find him in the evening, accompaning us safe, along the way back home. Giving us a great consolation from the labours of the day with the wonderful colors of the sunset. Wonder and astonishment from the ever different skies fill our eyes and calm down our souls. We can feel the Lord more close and present with his consoling Spirit, whispering that nothing today was done in vain if it was done with love and compassion. It does not matter how many victories or mistakes we count today or if not everithing was accomplished…
Confident, we chase the sun!





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