Easter Monday in Papua New Guinea

It is tradition, at least in Italy, to celebrate Easter Monday with a picnic. We had it also here in PNG, last Monday.

Accompanied by plenty of children and some boys, we started our journey, bringing our water bottles and our hats. Jerusa too was with us, with her new super-stroller. We walked just in the mission surrounding until we reached our “promised land”, the place where we hope to build a new school, a bigger house for our boys and some other things that the Lord has already planned for us.
The sun was very strong and the sky was of an incredibly intense blue, as only here in PNG or in our Italian high mountains we can see. We went along the perimeter of the area (16 hectares), admiring the majestic trees, the very high coconut trees, and the beautiful waterlilies in the center lake. Our boys tried to hunt some birds, never disproving their nature of hunters.

While walking, we saw a huge tree at the side of a small lake, with many climbing vines. The children had a lot of fun swinging and climbing, like Tarzan. It has been wonderful.
We went back home, tired and with sunburn, but very happy!

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