Film festival

We were invited again! The celebration of International Short Film Festival 2019 was held last saturday at paradise cinema, vision city in Port Moresby. Students, parents, teachers, priests, religious and media staff attended the event. The theme this year was: SAFE FAMILY HAPPY FAMILY. Before this celebration, the Media Education Seminar for 4 months has conducted 4 seminars this year. Five Catholics Schools joined these seminars, the Jubilee Catholic Secondary School, De La Salle Secondary School, Don Bosco Technical School, Don Bosco Technological Institute and Caritas Technical School.
The celebration was hosted by the Social Communication Commission of the Catholic Bishops Conference of PNG.
I have seen that everybody was excited to join this moment, bringing their own jacket and scarf knowing that inside was cold!

Before we entered the movie viewing sala, we started the celebration with cutting of the cake, sharing while having our snacks, pictures taking and interviews, followed by prayers and reflection led by His Emminence Cardinal Jonh Ribat, Archbishop of Port Moresby. He shared to the audience “The Media is important and it is wonderful that young people can use it to address the issues affecting themselves. They are struggling to be part to a safe and happy family environment”.
The celebration went on with the viewing of inspiring films from different countries according to the theme: SAFE FAMILY HAPPY FAMILY. Every two movies there was a sharing among all the viewers. The first film was about abuses inside the family, entitled ‘Ashwini'(India). This film was a message for everybody, especially to the teachers, not to keep silence if they come to know about cases of abuses. Then a documentary from BBC about abuses and violence in Papua New Guinea followed.
It was very touching for all of us the film ‘What mum really wants” (India). A young boy has courageously raised his hand and went to the stage to encourage his fellow youth to give time even in our busy days and to love our mothers because they are the reason we are here.
We watched also the 5 films created by the students during their seminars.
One student was selected from each school to share about his experience.
Prayer and trust are their strenght and above all they learned team work, commitment and patience which contributed to the success of their film.
Certificate and prizes were awarded to the school for the film screened: the first prize was a Sony Camera, I guess to be use for next year, and was awarded to Jubilee school for the film entitled ‘All for love’.
We are thankful for having been present in this celebration. They did a great work. We thank also Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb, facilatator of the festival for his perservering help for the youth, for his joy as a priest.
The media is a tool that connects young people today; with their talents, energy and creativity it is something good and positive. Their discussion, reflection and output helped them to reflect on the important family values that they will also strive to put into practice.

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