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1. Paypal

2. Bank Account

Account name: Cavanis Community Jesus Good Shepherd
Account Number: 2084 0523 48
Bank:Bank of the Phillippine Islands
Address of the bank:
Main branch, Recto ave.
Davao 8000
Swift code: BOPIPHMM

Scholarship Program

What’s a scholarship with us?

It is one of the ways for you to suppport us. It consists in a donation which will cover

  • school expenses,
  • feeding,
  • and,when needed, medicines

for a child of one of our structures in the Philippines (shelter, daycare,elementary school or the nearby high school) or in papua New Guinea (school or children with special situations) To the children and their families will never be given money directly: your donation helps the us offer the children what they need.

How much is it for a scholarship?

We ask for a donation of 25,50 euro/month (306 euro/year), which you can donate through paypal in this website or through check, according to your desire.

Which information will be given you?

Once you will decide to support a child, we will send you his/her name and some background info about him in a booklet with some pictures. At least once a year you will receive updates, his christmas wishes and news about the mission in general.

What’s the first step?

If you wish to start or to have some more info, please fill up the form below. You may then, once you receive the confirmation email, make your donation.

Giveaways Hope Project

Look at the gallery, choose the desired model and then fill in the following order form.

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