Our school welcomes 450 kids from various social backgrounds.The choice of having small classrooms with maximum 40 students was in order to guarantee a higher quality of the education. In public schools a classroom has around 60-70 learners with a single teacher.

SInce the beginning of the school we decided to provide our chidren with textbooks in order to simplify classroom management, but most of all because owning a book is an incredible sign of hope and dignity.

Seeing the rising prices and our difficulty to keep up with the expenses,we came up with the idea of a cooperation in the school year 2019-2020 with our mission in Papua New Guinea. There we have a simple and efficient printing press.

Having self-produced books, furthermore, will allow us to integrate many values that are being forgotten in the modern Philippines, helping the kids and the local comunity to see the beauty of their land with different eyes and work with fraternal love for its development and preservation.

You can help us purchasing a book for a child with a contribution of 10 euro, giving, according to your generosity, or coming to join us in the course of this ambitious project.


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