Lyra and Lisa

At the Paschal Vigil, at one of the parishes here in Port Moresby, while we were waiting for the beginning of the celebration with the blessing of the fire, the little Lyra got curious for the presence of these white sisters whom she had never seen before. She introduced herself, asked our names and stuck at our side! Lyra had many questions in her heart… why there is fire, why we should light our candle from that fire…

We will never forget the light in her eyes and her smile when she understood the answers we gave her, she believed and this faith gave her joy!

If we were truly aware that the Risen Lord brings his light and new life to all of us, we would probably not be able to control our joy…

A priest then shared with us that he had prepared something special for the children on Easter Sunday: he had made a small cave and, at the beginning of the Mass, in front of everybody, he placed inside it a puppet resembling the body of Jesus. During the Mass, he had it removed without the knowledge of the children. After the Mass he sent Lisa, one of the children who were present, to check on the cave and… with great surprise, she shouted: “He is no longer here! He is gone!”…It is beautiful to imagine this little girl shouting because she experienced those emotions of surprise and wonder that, maybe, we have lost.

While we give thanks to the Lord for the richness of the liturgy that allows us to teach many things to the children, we ask him to help us learn from them, from their faith that, being simple, is true and therefore able to become joy and strength!

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