“Dear young people, don’t you fall into mediocrity: christian life is made for great ideals!”
(Pope Francesco, twit )

Who can go on a mission as a volunteer?

Anyone could go on a mission: students, retired fellows and families… it doesn’t matter. What matters is a fairly good health, the desire of serving others and the capability of facing little struggles with joy and open years!

Why should I go?

There are many reasons moving people of different ages and nationalty and with different stories to give a little bit of their lives to others. There surely is a desire of sharing with the poorest of the poor and of sincere relations with others. Often, then, volunteers wish to discover the special presence if God, who lives, walks and works amongst the people he loves. We find it beautiful and enriching when volunteers don’t just give a service, but also look for answers to the deepest questions of our existence!

When and how long?

We can discuss together the most suitable time and space for your experience, according to your availabilty and that of the community that will welcome you.

What if I just don’t know how to do..things?

That’s no problem! We often hear this question and we grant you that anyone has some talents that are at times hidden because in our daily lives things can get a bit complicated. In mission we need everything and everyone: electricians, bricklayers,musicias,cooks, paiters, teachers, carpenters… We even need moms and dads who can just cuddle our little ones for some time!

Vocational Discernment

It is a special experience in which we search for that special project for which we were created and which gives meaning, joy and fullness to our days. It is dedicated to boys and girls who are willing to listen to the voice of the One who created us for joy, peace and for bearing fruit that remains.

“Do not be afraid!”
(Pope Francesco, twit )

We could say many things and we are sure you have many questions to ask.

The easiest way is to contact us, tell us about you and your desires and fears. As much as possible, we will answer so that we can evaluate together the chance of spending a period of time in Asia or Oceania with us!

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