Geographic and Social Reference

The repubblic of the Philippines is an island-state of the south east of Asia, ih the Pacific Ocean. It doesn’t have other states on the border. With a population of 103 millions of inhabitants and some more 11 millions Filipinos residing abroad, the Philippines are the 12th most populous country in the world. Due to its geographic position, the area is often struck by earthquake and tornadoes that at times are very violente (ie. Yolanda in 2013 or Pablo in 2012).

Social Problems

Despite the country being developing, there are many social challenges to be faced.
The health system is handled 90% by private companies and due to high prices it is not accessible to most of the population.
The few public hospitals are overcrowded, require payment for any service and leave to the families the responsibility of feeding patients and purchasing the medicines that are needed for the treatments. Being without money, therefore means not being able to receive cures.
Public schools have classrooms of 70-80 students, don’t adopt any textbook and teachers are often absent. Even though the law obliges children to attend school up to grade 12, actually many students don’t reach even grade 8. There is no such a form of intervention to guarantee attendance and to facilitate resuming studies for those who left.

The Mission in Tibungco

Our mission is in a town called Tibungco, at the countryside of Davao city.
in 2006 sr Caterina and sr Vera, answering the need of accessible quality education for the children of the neighbourhood, opened the Anthony and Mark cavanis Elementary School, with the help of many italian benefactors. To begin, they built 2 classrooms, a chapel and and office. In the following years, the building was extended.
Many young men and women experience some months as volunteers with us and helped especially in the activities with the children. In 2009 the building of the Cavanis Paglaum Center started and Matteo Vendramin contributed with his presence, that of his family and of a young carpenter.
This was also the beginning of the saint Joseph Carpentry wich now helps support part of the expenses of the mission and gives a good job to some parents of our children.

Ongoing Projects

Completed Projects

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