My Papua… Scattered thoughts…

I even did not know where Papua New Guinea is, and now I think about it every day.
I think to my first impression when I arrived there, asking myself, at the sight of the living condition of the people, if I had travelled backward in time and if there too it was 2019.


To my amazement for the welcoming I received from the wonderful family of sisters who greeted me with joy even though they did not know me.
To the interesting and pleasant chats at table, as if we were among old friends.
To the infinite emotion of reciting the Our Father holding the hand of a man who lives on the other side of the world.
To the wonderful youth with whom I shared this experience and who let me feel one of them in spite of our different age.
To the incredible vegetation that surrounded us. I am sure it is like when God made it.
To the children, their enthusiasm for life and capability to be happy in spite of everything.
To the cheerfulness of our outing to the beach of Waima and to the amazement for the welcoming we received at Inaui village.
To the intense and touching pilgrimage to Kubuna, to pray at the tomb of Bishop Alan.


To the moments of prayer in the chapel of the community, regenerating moments.
To the thousand smiles… the simple smiles of the children, the shining ones of the women, the curious ones of the boys… and the smiles of the souls of the Sisters!
To the beating heart of the mission: the school! These children, who pray and sing the national anthem every day, falling in line and wearing their uniform, are the future of this people.
I have spent at the mission only 20 days, but they were enough to understand how it is necessary in Bereina this point of reference for education, health, agriculture and growth in personal relationships.
All of this, with the feeling of the love of God for every creature, which the Sisters live and give, with the help of the Vendramin family and with enthusiasm and plenty of projects.
I give thanks to the Lord for the opportunity of living this experience, because I thought I would have given something, instead I have received… as it always happens when we are dealing with God’s work.
Paola Fantin

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