SrCaterina&Giorgia (2)

A new grace for our community

We are happy to see again sister Caterina who is visiting our community and to welcome Giorgia here in the Philippines. We were looking forward for this visit, as the presence of Sr. Caterina helps …

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ISFF19 (Copia)

Film festival

We were invited again! The celebration of International Short Film Festival 2019 was held last saturday at paradise cinema, vision city in Port Moresby. Students, parents, teachers, priests, religious and media staff attended the event. …

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Baptism19 (13)

New little Christians in Bereina

It was Saturday, the tenth of August and it was a beautiful sunny day when in Bereina forty-four children received the Sacrament of Baptism. Among them there were five of our children and also for …

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StarOfTheSea (8)

Star of the Sea

It is August 15, the feast of our Mother Mary who was assumed into heaven in a special way, as special as her faith and her love. We too, here in Bereina, want to celebrate …

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A new Shepherd for Bereina

On August 23, 2018 we came to know that Bishop Rochus was transferred to the Diocese of Kavieng. The Church is a Mother: this idea that seems far away and abstract became for us a …

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HPNutritionFood (16)

Nutritious food warmed our heart

Our Cavanis family is indeed thankful for the opportunity to celebrate life through the celebration of nutrition month. The month of July here in the Philippines is dedicated to activities aimed to remind us to …

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God’s challenges!

Lucy is a magistrate who has been working for the Pastoral Care for Families of the Archdiocese of Port Moresby for the last 24 years. She is married, has 3 daughters, 14 grandchildren and many …

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Albert is the in charge of the big catholic community of Babiko, a village that is located 15km away from us, 15km of very challenging road. He often covers this distance by feet, as many …

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Andrea and Giorgia have arrived ten days ahead of Silvia and Lucia and, at the beginning of August, the group of volunteers will be complete. We let the pictures speak of these first days here, …

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unCompleannoSpeciale (8)

A special birthday!

Andrea is attending kindergarten when he comes with his parents to the meetings in which Caterina and Vera share how different the life is in mission, especially for the children at their elementary school in …

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Greetings as a key to learning

The five-year-old kids spend most of their waking hours questioning everything that happens around them. They love to ask “why do I have to…?“ and they pay close attention to your answers as long as …

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stateOfOrigin (1)

State of Origin: Blues or Maroons

Each country has its own national sport or favourite sport to watch and to cheer. Every national sport became part of the culture of a country. In Australia there is this rugby game which they …

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4 days in the island

That’s the way all started: it was Monday morning, the phone rang and a big man answered the call. On the other side of the line a female voice asked him: “Father, I know you …

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crescereInsieme (8)

Growing together

At the Jesus Good Shepherd Primary School it is time for vacation… a two-weeks break in the middle of the school year, to rest and recover strength. Yet the teachers are charging their battery not …

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ReportCar (17)

It’s time for report card…

Here in Papua New Guinea we are half way in our school year. It is time for the first report card for the children of Jesus Good Shepherd Primary school. The school year begins on …

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aHolyGarden (15)

A holy garden

One of the privilege of being at service in the nunciature in Port Moresby it is the possibility of taking care and enjoy its beautiful garden. The nunciature is on a hill, a bit higher …

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BontàKm0 (4) (Copia) (Copia)

Bounty, just behind the corner.

Just outside the door of our kitchen, there is a wheelbarrow, full at its edges. It is used to carry, daily, fresh lettuce, eggplants and zucchini, tomato and cucumber, onion, corn and beans, spring onion, …

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Sogeri (9)

Sogeri parish

Not so far from Port Moresby, after almost one hour by car on a twisting road up to a mountain, we reach a plateau that is called Sogeri. Sogeri has wide fields, some are cultivated, …

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MarySimon (1)


Mary is one of the women who are working with us, a precious help, a trustworthy and faithful woman. We smile if we think to the first time we met her… It was two years …

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bambiniParlanoConDio (3)

When kids talk to God

Yesterday, in preparation for the feast of the Corpus DOmini, we invited the kids of grade four, five and six for a moment of eucharistic adoration, thanking Jesus for this wonderful gift and putting in …

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Low battery no more!

People often think that life in mission is much more easy that life in developed countries. We would like to spill the beans: it is not true!Waking up at 5am, holy Mass and morning prayer, …

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contoAllaRovescia (2)


They have different ages, background, journey in life, yet all are moved by the same desire: mission. There have been moments of dialogue and sharing with those who had already an experience with us and …

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See you, dear “ate Lita”

Monday June 10 was for all of us the first day of school. We met in the morning with our children, our teachers and those who help us feeling excited, grateful for this new year… …

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Anawim (5)


Anawim is the title of a publication, issued every two months, that contains the readings of the day and a beautiful meditation. It is a precious tool for the sisters who use it every day …

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LetTheChildrenComeToMe (1)

Let the children come to me

On the outward wall of our school here in Bereina, this sentence taken from the Gospel of Mathew is nicely written: “Let the children come to me”. We, sisters, have the occasion to read it …

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itWasAGoodStart (14)

It was a good start!

During two days of Brigada Eskwela in preparation for this new school year here in the Philippines, parents came to help us cleaning the school. This year we did not invite some visitors to help …

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SonoFigliaDiDio (4)

I am a child of God

Hello everyone! I am Jenny; a child of God and this is my short story. Most people in my village call me “rascal girl”. My parents are separated and they left me to my grandparents. …

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TheBeautyOFTL (8)

The beauty of following the Lord

A smile is the beginning of love, the gift that everybody can give and receive and one of the powerful things everybody can share. It is the expression of a precious gift from God planted …

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iLavoriContinuano (4)

Work in progress…

To the seven works of mercy, we should add an eighth one, which is much needed here in PNG: “build the house for the homeless”. Do you remember the story of Lucy, the woman on …

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FormConFrPaul (11)

Let’s clarify the essentials…Teachers formation

On Friday June 7, 2019, the school bell rang, but this time only for our dear teachers of the Jesus Good Shepherd Primary School: Imelda, Christine, Jenny, Philo, Bernadette, Florence, Debora, Maryanne, Lucas, with sr. …

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aScuolaDaMaria (15)

At the school of Mary

May is the month dedicated to the Virgin Mary and, at the Jesus Good Shepherd Primary School too, we have placed her at the centre, by appointing her Teacher of Virtues for the whole month. …

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TeachersFormation (15)

Teachers Formation

The month of May was a month of preparation for all of us, both spiritual and physical to be ready for this another opening of the school. It is a great joy to have beautiful …

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CulminationDay (9)

Culmination day!

The most awaited moment has finally arrived! The culmination of the Flowers of May! The smile of these children is until the ears, it is the joy and excitement to come in the convent to …

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FodeHolySpirit (3)

A special lesson

Like every Monday morning, the other day, June 3 2019, we had our class with our grade 9 FODE students. This time we had the idea of starting the lesson with a simple prayer to …

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Inaui (9)

PNG Custom: The Crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary

In each country, there is a unique and different way in expressing the faith. People show their faith according to their custom. This uniqueness and differences give beauty to the Church. One good example is …

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needAppreciated (2)

The need to be appreciated

“It’s another day for catechism!”, exclaimed some excited children. Since catechism classes are given only once a week, many children are really waiting for these moments. They are very happy to be part of this …

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Babiko (16)

A dream come true: Babeko

Sunday May 12, 2019 was a nice and memorable moment for our Community for we had the opportunity to visit the village of Christine Emmanuel in Babeko. Christine is a girl living with us in …

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Being disable in Papua New Guinea

Disable person’s life is not easy everywhere but in some countries, like Papua New Guinea, is not easy at all. There are not data about numbers, types and levels of disability, as many people in …

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theWordsOfMary (2)

The words of Mary

At the end of this month dedicated to the Virgin Mary, we want to reflect on some of her words, which we find in the Gospel. We do it, thanks to the homily we have …

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IMG-20190106-WA0017 (Copia) (Copia)

How is a bishop appointed?

We know that it is the Pope who decides this kind of things but… staying in Rome, how can he know the different situations and understand who the most suitable person is? Behind his decision, …

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Flowers of May

Which child does not love the month of May? During this month, plenty of them come to our convent every afternoon… because it is the month of May, the month of Mama Mary, the month …

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Let there be feast!

Music and dances. Smiles and painted faces. Outdoor games. Sack race and “water bombs”. Super-enthusiastic children and teachers happier than them for the playtime. Home baked biscuits and fresh juice. Burning sun and overflowing joy. …

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Marijuana, light drug?

Dr Julius Ngason is a Papuan psychiatrist who works at the General Hospital in Port Moresby. We met him through one of our boys who was diagnosed with a psychosis. Dr. Ngason is a simple, …

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The dreams laboratory

At our mission, there is a real “dreams laboratory”. It is our bakery, dedicated, not by coincidence, to St. Philip Neri. We dedicated it to him, hoping that our bread and all the good things …

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Easter Monday in Papua New Guinea

It is tradition, at least in Italy, to celebrate Easter Monday with a picnic. We had it also here in PNG, last Monday. Accompanied by plenty of children and some boys, we started our journey, …

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April 27 was a day full of blessings for all of us and we believe that the Lord is with us in everything we do. Two sisters went around the city to distribute solicitation letters …

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P.N.G. on a journey from “happy birthdays” to “happy birthday”

This will probably recall Christmas and it is still Easter… but try to close your eyes and imagine Mary and Joseph with their donkey, falling in line before the roman officer for the census required …

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welcome back to school (1)

Welcome back to school!

For the children of the Jesus Good Shepherd Primary School in Bereina, finally last 23 April classes resumed! It was visible that most of them were eager to come back to school… at 7am, when …

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simon popo (3)


The sisters had planned to write about me but, since I am very special, I prefer to write by myself. I introduce myself: I am Simon Popo. I remember well my name but I forgot …

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Lyra and Lisa

At the Paschal Vigil, at one of the parishes here in Port Moresby, while we were waiting for the beginning of the celebration with the blessing of the fire, the little Lyra got curious for …

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Holy Days

The Tradition handed over to us the week before Easter as Holy Week and, as the days go by, the celebrations and the waiting become more and more intense. We have entered the Paschal Triduum …

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A day without gadgets

One of the common problems of the children of this time is the uncontrollable use of gadgets and an immediate access of the internet. The students of Anthony and Mark Elementary School were very much …

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Catechesis as our need

Catechesis is one of the needs of a Christian. We are taught catechism because we have to be prepared for what we have to receive. In fact, a saint like St. Maria Goretti was prepared …

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Once upon a time, in Png, there were Timmy, Tommy and Jimmy.

Once upon a time, three little pigs lived with their mummy in a small yard. Their names were Timmy, Tommy and Jimmy and one day they decided to go to live on their own. Do …

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Little Emmanuel

Emmanuel is a little child who will turn 3 years old the next 6th of June, but he has the height and features of one year old child. He was born prematurely and has been …

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A memorable day!

Sunday is one of the days that we like the most because it is a moment for us to have bonding together and it became more memorable because it is also today that we celebrated …

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‘Meri blouse’ the traditional women dress in Papua New Guinea

For each Country there is at least one traditional women dress. In Papua New Guinea it is called ‘meri blouse’ (meri is a way to say woman) and its story is interesting. It was introduced …

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“Discovering Who I am”

Family is the most important for Filipinos. In fact, Filipinos always say “Family first before anything else”. Family is the foundation of Filipino culture and it is very important because patents are the one who …

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Anticipated Chrism Mass

On Wednesday March 27 2019, Bereina Cathedral was filled with students and faithful gathered to participate in the Chrism Mass, presided by his Excellency Kurian Mathew Vayalunkal, Apostolic Nuncio to Papua New Guinea and Solomon …

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God’s Love

God’s love. This is the topic for this year’s Lenten retreat given by Fr. John Paul for the women that are working with us in the school, convent, bakery and garden. It is very important …

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Thank you, doctor Gianni!

Doctor Giovanni Battista De Rossi, renamed on his permission ‘Doctor Gianni’, has been in Bereina for three weeks and has come back to Italy on the 14th of March. It was a short period but …

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Poverty is one of the major problem here in the Philippines. It has proven to be one of the most significant challenges for this country and its citizens. Many Filipinos are having a hard time …

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Last Saturday, the 17th of March, we came to know Annette, a little child one year old, seriously malnourished. On that same day the young parents brought her to the Health Center of Bereina, where …

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St. Joseph RSC welcomes Mrs. Arabel

It was raining, the roads were blocked because of the flood and the villages of the St. Joseph Rsc school were under the mud. That’s when we received the call from Mrs. Arabel, the Central …

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20190222_163453 (Copia)

Thank you Leona

Today is Sunday, the second Sunday of lent, here in Port Moresby it is raining since two days ago and it is a big problem: the very heavy rain flooded the houses and the roads …

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The sacraments at the power of three

A cube, a cilinder, a parallelepiped… by geometry, they are three dimensional shapes: area of the base by hight gives the volume or, if they are empty, the capacity. By multiplying their lenght, width and …

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The Sacrament of Confirmation at AMCES

March 8 was a special day for our grade 6 children because they received the Sacrament of Confirmation. Now they stand still to their faith and are strengthened by the Holy Spirit. The celebration was …

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Ash Wednesday: why do we need to put ash on our forehead?

The mark on our forehead, received on Ash Wednesday, is a reminder that “we came from dust, and to dust we shall return” and therefore we better focus on what truly matters. The beginning of …

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Fresh milk!

Last January 14 we welcomed the newly born calf of our beautiful cow… and in this way our project to have our own product of fresh milk and cheese started to blossom, we are now …

Fresh milk! Read More »


The beautiful presence of our joyful sister

There are a lot of reasons to give thanks to the Lord for all the many possibilities he gave to each of us, especially for our community. We take this opportunity to express our simple …

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Ash Wednesday

Wednesday March 6, 2019, also here in Bereina we joined the Ash Mass, beginning of the Lenten Season, an intense time of preparation to the Resurrection Easter. The cathedral was full with all our children …

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Precious like the Blood of Christ

The President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands participated, with other 189 bishops, religious and lay, to the summit held in Vatican on the protection of minors last February …

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Children making the celebration more alive.

This was the Holy Mass in Bereina Cathedral on the 1st of May, 2019. The celebration was the first Holy Mass of the Jesus Good Shepherd Primary School or the Holy Spirit Mass. It was …

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Doctor Gianni in Bereina

It has been one week since the arrival of Doctor Giovanni De Rossi in Bereina. His presence among us is a blessing as he is a good doctor and a kind and humble person. Every …

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Welcome Beniamino and Ilario

It is always a great joy to go to Port Moresby international airport to welcome volunteers coming from Italy… this was the turn of Ilario and Beniamino, who arrived on Wednesday 27 February 2019. For …

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Thanksgiving for the gift of Life

All over the world birthday is one of the moments in which the family gathers and celebrates together in thanksgiving for the gift of life of our beloved ones. Last Monday was the birthday of …

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Going against the current

On the 24th of February a group of young boys and girls from the Campus Liturgical ministry of the Ateneo de Davao University came and organized some activities for our children in Paglaum. Our children …

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A family who was saved from the water

This is not the story of the bible about Moses whom the mother put inside the basket on the water to be saved from the soldier who was sent by Pharaoh to kill the male …

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When the heart of one’s home passed away

It is said that the mother is the Light of the Family, the heart of one’s home. She brings joy and strength and encourages each member to pursue whatever dreams their heart desires. She brings …

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The beauty of the Holy Mass in PNG

Forget the serious solemn Masses of Feast days, forget the well behaved, clean and elegant persons and forget the serious songs, not so participated, sometimes lukewarm, forget about all of this because you are in …

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“Ordan’s Dream”

Each and every person has the right to dream: whether you’re young or old, you are entitled to dream. No matter what your situation in life is, it doesn’t matter if you are poor or …

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Welcome Doctor Gianni!

On Friday 22 February 2019, at 5 am, after two days trip, Doctor Giovanni De Rossi arrived at Port Moresby international Airport. He is from Marostica, Italy, and will have a missionary experience of few …

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Happy Birthday Christine!

On 22 February “our” little Christine celebrated with joy and cheerfulness her fifth birthday. Christine arrived to our mission one year ago, brought by her grandmother, who walked for hours in the middle of the …

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Uncle Victor: Catechist of Christ

In the young church of Papua New Guinea where there is lacking of priests, catechists have an important role in the parish. They go to the far villages where people can join Mass only two …

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Beyond the walls

It is hard to express what our eyes have seen of the situations around us. It always astonishes and challenges each of us to see the reality beyond the walls of our comfort zones and …

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Half-Bread in Bereina

Almost two years have passed since our bakery here in Bereina started its precious and delicious production and we can see how it has improved! You know that beautiful smell of fresh baked bread that …

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Eleven under one roof

It is with great joy that our community, on 13 February 2019, welcomed two new girls at our shelter, the Angels’ house, here in Bereina, beside our convent. Asha and Selina, 11 and 12 years …

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World day of the sick at Bereina

Last Monday, 11th of February, Our Lady of Lourdes, we celebrated in Bereina too the World Day of the Sick. All of us (sisters, children, our boys and women) went to Bereina Health Center to …

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The funambulist

Everything is new in this adventure at the Apostolic Nunciature of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands, even the mysterious tabernacle of the small but important chapel of this place, where St John Paul II …

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Happy New Year!

Imagine a place where you cannot say to anyone you are a Catholic. Imagine that if you are a religious you should hide your identity, remove yor habit and act “as normal as possible”. Imagine …

Happy New Year! Read More »


We prefer heaven!

How can we prepare our pupils to receive confirmation? How can we unfold for them the great mistery of faith we call Holy Spirit? How can we explain the joy that comes from the choice …

We prefer heaven! Read More »


Talità kum

It’s been nearly a year since Julieann risked her life because of a bacterial meningitis. She had to pass through hard times: three months in the hospital, one of which was spent on intensive care …

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20190203_130530 (Copia)

Celebrating the world day for Consecrated life 2019

The Archdiocese of Port Moresby celebrated the World Day for the Consecrated life last February 3, 2019 in Mary Help of Christians Shrine Don Bosco Technical Institute. It was done on purpose to have it …

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20190204_162503 (Copia) (Copia)

Their suffering cries to Heaven

Far from the spotlight, in an island at the peripheries of the world, an island that belongs to Papua New Guinea, for six long years, something terrible has been happening. Australia decided to set up, …

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“ Come and see ”

This word of God invites, with clarity and haste, to live an experience that, I believe, every one deeply desires, at least once in his/her lifetime. This word gave me the strength, when, after several …

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The Culmination of Math and Science Month

Jan. 31,2019- the day we end the celebration of Math and Science Month. There is Quiz Bee in Math and Science and the children prove their intelligence. The children are divided into three categories, Grades1 …

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2019, Year of the Laity in Png and Solomon Island

“The Laity are in the privileged position to act as the salt of the earth: they can carry the Gospel of Christ into the world where sacred ministers do not have access to.” Pastoral letter …

2019, Year of the Laity in Png and Solomon Island Read More »


All aboard, we take off!

On Monday 28 January, the fifth school year of the Jesus Good Shepherd Primary School Started. With joy, the sisters and the local teachers opened the gate and rang the bell… which makes an unmistakable …

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The providence that start to move

We are very grateful to the Lord for the many blessings we received this year. He always led us and showed his providencial care to each of us and to our mission. Last year, during …

The providence that start to move Read More »


Sister Nguyet in Davao.

It’s been a long time since the last visit of sister Nguyet to our community. Receiving her brings always a lot of joy, laughter and the grace that comes with the visit of one of …

Sister Nguyet in Davao. Read More »


Math and Science Month

The Anthony and Mark Cavanis Elementary school is celebrating the Math –Science Month with the theme, “Science and Mathematics for the People: Innovation to Collective Prosperity.” The different activities done by children in school, such …

Math and Science Month Read More »


Final countdown…. Are we ready to begin the school year?

In Papua New Guinea, as well as in all the other countries in the world, summer holidays run very fast… and… here we are, ready to begin a new school year, the fifth one for …

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Best Students Outing to Port Moresby

Every year it is a tradition of the Jesus Good Shepherd Primary School to choose the best student in each classroom. How to choose the best student? The child must be good in academics but …

Best Students Outing to Port Moresby Read More »


“Love and Compassion”

“Love and compassion…are the ultimate source of human happiness, and the need for them lies at the very core of our being.” – Dalai Lama Love and compassion are definitely the essence of human life. …

“Love and Compassion” Read More »


Monthly Mass

At the Anthony and Mark Cavanis Elementary School we have Holy Mass every first Friday of the month. As a family, this is another way in which we will be given the chance to renew …

Monthly Mass Read More »

We had never thought about that…

What kind of woman was Mary? Maybe we imagine her prayerful, silent, shy and reserved. But yesterday’s homily showed us a different Mary and we had never thought to her in this way… The gospel …

We had never thought about that… Read More »


Development chances

In what way do we become equipped for the teaching challenges of today’s generation? How do we get ready to face our students who are advanced and technologically exposed? The different seminars offered to us …

Development chances Read More »


Welcome Ilaria and Monika to Papua New Guinea!

In the early morning of the 19th January 2019 , at the airport of Port Moresby, two young and energetic girls, Monika and Ilaria, arrived from Italy with final destination Bereina Mission. Sr Caterina and …

Welcome Ilaria and Monika to Papua New Guinea! Read More »


Entry test for F.O.D.E. 2019: youth searching for hope

During this week, January 15, 2019, here in Bereina, started the Entry Test for the students of the S.Y. 2019-2020. In spite of heavy rains, the news that the school will start soon reached the …

Entry test for F.O.D.E. 2019: youth searching for hope Read More »


Walking for days…

Here, in Papua New Guinea, there are things that in other Countries we cannot even imagine… The Dioceses in PNG are 19 and they are quite wide… just to give you an idea, the Diocese …

Walking for days… Read More »


It’s a female!

When the perspecting of having a dairy cow finally came true, we couldn’t believe it and we were in seventh heaven. It seemed like a dream having fresh milk daily. We failed to realize what …

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We renew our commitment to pray…

To gather in prayer as we begin this year 2019 is always a beautiful moment and a great opportunity for all of us to grow in faith. The girls of our Paglaum Center once again …

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Weekly meeting

I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another in what you say and that there be no divisions among you, …

Weekly meeting Read More »


The feeding program

At the Anthony and Mark Cavanis Elementary School, in the Philippines, the Cavanis Sisters have generous hearts…they help not only less fortunate children by offering them free education but also by filling their empty stomachs… …

The feeding program Read More »


Our tasks and our simple smile

Here we are again, after the long holidays of Christmas, finally we are back and we start once again doing our daily task as parents, teachers and students, and we believe that doing it with …

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Lucy’s smile

Lucy has been welcomed in our house two months ago. She has newly celebrated her 45th birthday, she is a widow and mother of seven children (three of them study in our primary school). Lucy …

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Bereina welcomes the first visitors 2019

E’ con gioia che venerdì 4 gennaio 2019, alle prime luci dell’alba, Sr. Caterina ha accolto al Jackson International Airport di Port Moresby i primi amici dell’anno in visita alla nostra missione di Bereina. Per …

Bereina welcomes the first visitors 2019 Read More »


Our little community at the Apostolic Nunciature

We are three sisters of the Cavanis Community Jesus Good Shepherd and, few months ago, we “mysteriously” ended up at the Apostolic Nunciature of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Apostolic Nunciature? You are probably wondering …

Our little community at the Apostolic Nunciature Read More »

foto principale

And still the wind is blowing…

Part of the beauty of papuan culture is the relationship between human being and nature: it is a gift learning from these people, old and young, the sensitivity and the care for creation. For example, …

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Vocation is a gift from God!

We invited some girls to come in our community last December 26- 31. Six girls came and we were happy to welcome them. We gave some input about vocation, our founders’ life and charism, our …

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Going through our 2018…

Calendar, paper and pen at hand and a lot of thankfulness in our hearts… like every end of the year, we stop a moment to go through all that have happened and all the blessings …

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Fode 2018: hope and education for youth and adults

St. Joseph Rsc is a school for youth and adults recognized by the Department of Education from 2015 and this year it received the renewal from the same Department to continue the work of education. …

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Merry Christmas!

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Christmas party in Bereina!

The good tradition can never be abandoned! And so, in this time of preparation for Christmas, so hot here in PNG, Friday December 21, 2018 we gathered together to wait for Christmas with a celebration …

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Go S.t Joseph Carpentry!

Last Week the Department of Trade Industry (DTI) launched a program which aim is to help small business in Davao City to improve their activities. We were very much thankful to be invited for the …

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St. Michael Inauaia Catholic Ministry Youth Gathering

This year the Catholic Bishop Conference of Papua New Guinea decided a year dedicated for the youth. The Inauaia parish made their own initiative for their youth and so every month there is a youth …

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Recognition (1)

Recognition day!

The fourth school year at the Jesus Good Shepherd Primary school is ended and on Tuesday, December 11, the most expected day of the recognition, has arrived! We have first met in the Church with …

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Special visitors!

Today, it has been a very special day for the 140 pupils of the Jesus Good Shepherd Primary School in Bereina. We had the great joy of welcoming his Excellency Mons. Kurian Mathew Vayalunkal, Apostolic …

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Prova didascalia

A dream started to blossom: the Boys Village!

Indi, Joseph, Andrew, Lucas… each one of these names recalls a story which is dear to our heart. These are names of some of the boys who stay with us since the beginning of our mission …

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