The need to be appreciated

“It’s another day for catechism!”, exclaimed some excited children. Since catechism classes are given only once a week, many children are really waiting for these moments. They are very happy to be part of this class.
However, this day was a bit different from other days. Once the teacher announced the activity of the day, the only reply of almost everybody was a big sigh. Nobody would do it, everybody
complained. It was a dramatization to perform and… they felt incapable and shy. Yet, it is the teacher’s part to motivate and encourage them. They cooperated and… it was wonderful!
They prepared a presentation with a simple practice and that was almost enough.The children, during the performance, waited patiently for their group’s turn to show their dramatization. Everybody was in silence in paying attention to what the other groups were doing. They were so enthusiastic and at the same time excited to do their part.
In fact, they showed a very beautiful performance in spite of the short time of practice.

These children that are almost invisible for the people in their villages are now showing their talents and their need to be appreciated, their need to be loved and to be watched over in whatever they are doing. Most of these children are also those who give headaches to teachers and to some classmates but see, they are very good in other things.
To see them doing something for others was a heart-filling moment.
In their dramatizations, they showed how Jesus forgives the sins and failings of others (of those whom Jesus met). The children didn’t say many words about what Jesus did but for sure, in their hearts, it was a moment of peace and healing. God indeed works in a silent way but He is working.
We will continue to pray together that through our simple catechism class, God may work in each one’s hearts. That through this class, the children’s love for God may grow and heal their hearts from their sufferings.

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