The outing to Nature Park

In Papua New Guinea the feelings are felt deep in their simpleness and here everything that is taken for granted in Italy becomes again new, for example a trip, but this time it was the very first time for Jesus Good Shepherd Primary School.
On August 21st the grade 4 class and the visitors went on a PMV to Port Moresby.

Even the PMV journey was an experience itself because from it you see the panorama that changes from elevated huts, passing through palm trees to fire red ground hills which are going from Bereina station to the capital city.
The PMV starts to follow the night sense on the street because of the depth of the holes on the road. It seems to be on a rollercoaster with the smoke that is flowing on our faces and then we reach the first roundabout and we are in the traffic of Port Moresby. In a couple of minutes, we reach the Nature Park of the city.
Two guides and a lot of flying foxes are waiting for us. The excited children got of the PMV and immediately they lined up, boys divided from girls, to enter the Park. I have never seen children so excited able to pay attention to the line in such an attemptive way. They sit down and keeping in silence, they listen to the guide instructing them with some rules, that later are repeated by the students.
The amazed children listen carefully to the teachings of the defferent stalls about local traditions. The simpleness which the topics are presented strikes me because in Italy people always want to try elaborated things but in the end there isn’t better than trying true and easy things.
At the end of activities there is a free time to visit the animals such as tree kangaroos, cuscus, cassowaries, and the wonderful paradise birds.


The lunch and the afternoon time flow quetly and freely, even this thing strikes me because as usual in Italy we exaggerate and in this case it’s because of over protection on children. The coming back journey is nice, the students sing and I have the time to think but at sunset my thoughts bring me back to the reality and they make me feel lost in the forest of Papua New Guinea, anyway am happy because I can feel those wonderful and meaningful feelings.
Thank you Cavanis Sisters.
Silvia Marazzato

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