The presence of our dear Archbishop

We are very grateful for the generosity of Archbishop Fernando R. Capalla, Archbishop Emeritus of Davao, who celebrated the Holy Spirit Mass at the Anthony and Mark Cavanis Elementary School. It was a grace to have his presence among us.

During the Holy Mass the children were very attentive and behaved well, they listened to his fatherly homily together with our teachers and parents who were present in that moment.
There was a beautiful family atmosphere. Then after the Holy Mass we had lunch together, and we were like children, listening to his simple and wise words, his jokes and stories. We enjoyed his presence and he gave us encouragement and hope, for our mission. He also helped us find some benefactors that will support our charity programs around Davao.
After lunch, we took a photo together and, before going, our beloved Archbishop hugged each one of us as his dear daughter.
It was a wonderful experience for all of us, for the consolation that the Lord gave us during the Holy Spirit Mass and for giving us a good shepherd that leads us closer to the Lord through our mission.
We pray for Archbishop Fernando R. Capalla, that the Lord may continue to bless his journey and for his health. We give thanks for his presence, so dear to our hearts.

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