To strengthen the bond

It’s not always about books nor about work. We also give time for ourselves and to be with our colleagues.
Among the many events that fill our days, there has been a special one.
We had a session with the sisters and we were reminded of who we are and of the importance to know more our colleagues; trusting them is not hard and reaching one another is essential.
On that day we also cooked the famous food of the country to which we were assigned for the activity in the school and one of us worn the national costume. We happily shared the food we prepared and enjoyed a lot in our own preparations. We’re so grateful of this moment of being together as one family.


United by our great love for the mission as mothers and fathers of our children, we will always be reminded of our real purpose as educators and parents of the youth. We should first gain the values, knowing each other’s limitations and accepting our differences through formation. Then we will share this gift to the children because we cannot give what we don’t have. In order to give what is essential for our children we must first have it in order to be worthy to be called TEACHER!

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