We call them Providence!

We call them PROVIDENCE!

Everytime somebody asks us how we support the mission and we answer: “thanks to the Providence”, we get incredibly varied responses, sometimes a bit doubtful too…
In these days we were touched when we saw the pictures of the “mercatini di Natale” in Italy (Christmas market), organized every year by our dear teacher Piera. These little markets are made possible thanks to many volunteers who often don’t know each other but with enthusiasm manage to agree on their schedule to be there and sell the wonderful items made at our S. Joseph Carpentry in the Philippines.
They told me that Alice, an events organizer (call her if you want good results) approaches those who pass by with so much passion that even those who were not willing to buy anything, at the end give in…
Then there are our youths, those who came to our mission, those who are preparing to come and those who are simply our friends. And let’s not forget the mothers of these youths, old friends of the sisters, with whom they shared the joy of seeing their children grow, change their milk teeth, do well at school, and now study in college… yes…many years have passed since the time we used to chat at the pre-school…and the mission was still only in the plans of the good Lord.
And how about the BABBOS NATALES? We lost the count of the years that have passed since this group of (more or less) young people gives all their energy to go caroling in the city of Bassano, bringing joy to young and old people, to raise funds for us. Last November, Sr Caterina met the pupils of the Elementary School of Borso and a child, with much satisfaction, told her: “do you know that my father every year dresses up like Santa Claus and goes around and sings to raise money for the poor children?”. And sr Caterina answered: “is it possible? Is your family name Piol and the name of your father Giuseppe?” – “Yes!” – Here he is, one of the Babbos Natales whom we hope to thank personally with all the others!
The house of Sr Anna Pigozzo’s parents in this time looks like a fruit market… it’s full of oranges and mandarines…it is another initiative to support the mission!
This is just a glimpse of how the Providence works through the hands and the hearts of many. These initiatives bring joy to those who cooperate in them and relieve the sufferings of the beneficiaries.
From our part, we can only say “thank you!” and assure you of our prayer and grateful affection! Merry Christmas!!!

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